For episodes after #131 there will no longer be blog posts.
This year we are really trying to lighten our load anywhere we can, to give us enough time to record new episodes around other events in our lives, (studies, work, family, etc…).
We will try to be much more thorough on episodes in regards to sources, and if there is an especially important link, it will be in the episode description.

In case you didn’t catch in on the episode where it was announced, we will now be running the podcast in series of 4 – 5 episodes at a time, every 2 weeks, with a month of in between. That will be one episode hosted by each of us, one discussion ep / weird news / ghost stories / interview, etc,, and potentially one Weird Tales Revisited with Bob and Rick.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support, we still can’t believe how many of you there are listening out there. All the amazing messages we get form everyone really encourages us to keep the podcast going in any way that we can.