An ill Tiss talks about a number of suppressed inventions, including lightbulb cartels, the cloudbuster, the EV-1, and the water powered car.
We are all tired and chatty.

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We played sections from the following videos on this episode, all are available to view in full on YouTube via the following links:

10 Suppressed Inventions That Could Have Changed The World, by Alltime10s

“Who Killed The Electric Car”, by Steve Todey

Water Car Inventor Murdered, by RevengeofShinobi1

Mythbusters Busted water for fuel, by Water for Fuel


Media Mentions


The Office (US)
Peep Show
Family Guy
The X-Files

Gotta Get Thru This – Daniel Bedingfield

Outro music this week was ‘Busy Buses’, by Lavender Town Tone