We take a look at some situations involving self-proclaimed messiahs, including David Shayler, Branch Davidian, and Heaven’s Gate.
Plus some diversions into Boards of Canada, and Bob has another counselling session.

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We played clips from the following videos on the episodes, available to watch in full on YouTube through the following links:

David Icke on Terry Wogan

David Shayler Mystic on C4 News 10 Aug 2007

Heaven’s Gate Cult Initiation Tape Part 1

A Look Inside The Heaven’s Gate Cult 20 Years After Mass Suicide


We referred to the following articles for some of the information on this episode:

Messiah Complex‘, from hopechannel.com

The Waco Raid at 25: Enough With the Fairy Tale Lies‘, from thedailybeast.com

Boards of Canada


Songs featured on the episode (listen on YouTube via the following links)

Amo Bishop Roden

A Beautiful Place Out In The Country


Media Mentions

Brass Eye

Video Games:
Grand Theft Auto (series, ‘Ammu-Nation’

Music (other than BoC):
Goldie Lookin Chain – Guns Don’t Kill People, Rappers Do

Outro music this week was ‘Summit’, by Blackfeather