We’re kicking off our relaunch with another case from The Warrens!
This one looks at their encounters with the real life werewolf of London; Bill Ramsey.
We also take a little time to talk about their visits to Borley Rectory, and Lorraine’s witnessing of the notorious Nun spectre.

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Bill Ramsey –

Newspaper front page –

During the exorcism –



We played clips from the following videos on the show:
(all available to watch in their entirety via YouTube, just click the links)

The Warrens on the Bill Ramsey Case 

“Sightings” documentary on Bill Ramsey

The Warrens interview about their visits to Borley Rectory

“The Nun” trailer for the 2018 film


Other Media


An American Werewolf In London
Borley Rectory
The Nun
The Conjuring
The Conjuring 2


Werewolf: A True Story Of Demonic Possession
The Lesser Key Of Solomon

Outro music this week was ‘Werewolves Of London’, by Warren Zevon