It’s our first Discussion ep in a long time.
We’re joined by Yas to talk about Reality… kind of.
We go way off the rails, even for a discussion episode, and talk about language, employment, education, and Bob has a breakdown. 

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Electric Sheep
There are loads of ‘Electric Sheep’ style videos on YouTube. We had one running in the background during the recording of this episode, which we commented on.

Autism in Shopping Mall
Beef mentioned this VIDEO on the episode.

Yanny / Laurel
Which one do you hear?

Brainstorm / Green Needle
You can hear both depending on what you are thinking.


The Dress

Old news, but we also spoke a bit about The Dress, which some claim to see as black and blue, and some as white and gold. Which one do you see?


Media Mentions


The Simpsons S06E13 – ‘And Maggie Makes Three’
-Do It For Her

Rick & Morty S02E02 – ‘Mortynight Run’
-Blips and chitz, Roy: A Life Well Lived

Black Mirror S03E04 – ‘San Junipero’

Extras S02E03 – ‘Daniel Radcliffe’
Did You Glug It?


Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy – ‘I Love Lamp
Ready Player One

Outro music this week was ‘Step On,’ by Happy Mondays.