We go through 8 stories involving weird phone calls, all linked to previous episodes of WTATU.
Bigfoot, The Men In Black, Zodiac – the whole gang’s here.

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YouTube links

You can view the full video/audio of the various clips we played on the show –

The Zodiac Call-In News Report –

Is This the Real Voice of the Zodiac Killer?

The Bigfoot Call –

Bigfoot 911 Call

Hellsinger85’s Voicemail –

Creepy Voice Mail

The Men In Black Calls –

Strange Telephone Calls From An Unknown Source

Ty’s Creepy Voicemail

Here is the article that we mainly referred to about Ty’s voicemail, from news.com.au –

Creepy military voicemail warning of impending Doomsday sends internet into meltdown

Here’s another video all about it from YouTube –

CREEPY Voicemail Message Is “Shaking” The Internet

Film Recommendations


The Scary Door clip on this episode was from Futurama,
here’s a compilation of some of them from YouTube –
The Scary Door

Outro music this week was ‘Bad Boys,’ by Inner Circle