After all the jokes, we’re finally tackling our most requested conspiracy…
Was William ‘The Bard’ Shakespeare a big old Fakespeare?
Beef leads Bob and Tiss through a history lesson, we play a game of Strat or Anti-Strat, and we look at the lead contenders for the real writers of Shakespeare’s plays. #AntiStratLife 

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Clips we played on the podcast, click to view on YouTube.

QI – ‘Who Wrote Shakespeare’s Plays?’

Mark Rylance on Shakespeare’s Plays

TED-ed – ‘Did Shakespeare Write His Plays?’



The Shakespearean Authorship Trust –

BBC News – ‘Christopher Marlowe Credited As Shakespeare’s Co-Writer’ –



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Films and TV mentions

Anonymous (The Anti-Strat Movie)
Romeo + Juliet (The Bard with Leo)
Dunkirk (Rylance on a boat)
The BFG (Rylance is a giant)
Darkest Hour (Historical dramas are still popular)
Meet The Parents & Dodgeball (We have Shakespeare to thank for these, according to Tiss?)

Inside No. 9 S04E01 – ‘Zanzibar’ (Written in iambic pentameter, recommended by Bob)
Upstart Crow  (Comedy series starring David Mitchell as William Shakespeare)
Little Britain, ‘Dennis Waterman’


Outro music this week was ‘Shakespeare’s Sister,’ by The Smiths.