Bob and Beef are joined by Shaun, and go hunting for UFOs in Aylesbury, where a number of UFOs have been spotted over the years.
This episode is also interspersed with UFO sighting stories from listeners and friends.

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Aylesbury Sightings

Links to the sighting stories mentioned on the episode –

The Blue Light, from –
UFO SPOTTED in Buckingham and Oxfordshire as strange ‘BLUE EYES’ travel across night sky

Blue Light Debunked, from –
DEBUNKED: Strange blue glow in night sky was not a UFO

Tesco UFO, from –
UFOs spotted above Tescos in Aylesbury

UFO at Buckingham Park, from –
Electrical power CUTS OUT in homes after they were ‘buzzed by weird UFO’

Media Mentions

Wayne’s World
The Truman Show
The X-Files


Outro music this week was ‘Concerning The UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois‘, by Sufjan Stevens