Beef delivers a biography of the Mad Monk himself – Gregori Rasputin.
Hypnotist, Mystic, Cult Leader, Immortal, Russia’s Greatest Love Machine,
and a Cat That Really Was Gone.

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The documentary recommended by Beef, available on YouTube – The Real Rasputin

The full Rasputin Vs Stalin Rap Battle (we only played the opening on the show) – Rasputin Vs Stalin



Rasputin’s profile on (also includes the video we used a clip from on the show) – Rasputin

Rasputin’s Last Will and Testament analysis on –
Gregori Rasputin’s Last Will and Testament

Report of the growth of Christianity in China, (briefly mentioned on the show) – Growth Of The Church


Media Mentions

Music –

Rasputin, by Boney M (used as outro music this week)

Comics –

The Hellboy series bi Mike Mignola features Rasputin as a villain –

and a spin-off series featuring Rasputin, The Voice Of The Dragon, will be coming soon –


Films –

None related to Rasputin, but all mention on this episode for various reasons –

No Country For Old Men
What We Do In The Shadows
Free Willy
The Empire Strikes Back  (for THIS SCENE)
Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery (for THIS SCENE)