A collection of stories from listeners of the show, including the long awaited – Charlie’s Story. 

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Special Thanks to the following listeners for contributing to this episode –

Charlie Taylor
Sami Gidcumb
Sagan Medvec
Scott Sowter
Paige Thornton
and ‘Listener of the Week’ – Sean Greene


Sean’s House

A few pictures that Sean sent in of the house he grew up in, and had all of the strange experiences that he talked about on the show –


Sagan’s EVP

EVP captured at Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia.

A picture of the exact location that Sagan got his recording –

You can listen to the EVP clip here that we played on the show
(remember, you can hear Sagan’s voice first, then 2 unknown voices, the EVPs, next saying ‘listen’ and ‘devant’, then Sagan’s sister at the end)