You asked for it – A full-length Weird News Special. 
We talk KFC, ghosts and stuff.

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Sharon Osbourne Poo Box

Source – Express
‘I’m nice now’ Sharon Osbourne used to post her children’s poo to her critics

Suicide Cows

Source – Unexplained Mysteries
13 cows inexplicably leap over cliff edge

Alien Virginity

Source – The Sun
Artist claims he lost his virginity to a busty alien called Crescent and fathered 60 ‘hybrid’ babies

Also mentioned, documentary – Love and Saucers  – IMDb page

Space Condoms

Source – The Sun
Swedish sexperts call for Nasa to fire condoms into space so ETs and humans can practice safe sex in the event of an invasion


Source – Medical Daily
Man Has 30 Lbs Of Feces Removed From Intestines; How Hirschsprung’s Disease Caused Impacted Megacolon

Transylvania Charles

Source – Belfast Telegraph
Charles offered new title as Prince of Transylvania

Here’s a classic WTATU pic from our Trasylvania trip…
Could Tiss be related to Vlad as well?

Bermuda Triangle

Missing Plane
Source – LadBible
Plane Disappears In The Bermuda Triangle At 24,000 Feet

Reappearing Ship
Source – The New York Evening
BERMUDA TRIANGLE: Ship Reappears 90 Years After Going Missing

Also mentioned, Alan Moore’s Watchmen.

Mummy DNA

Source – The Verge
Mummy DNA shows that the ancients don’t have much in common with modern Egyptians

Also mentioned- King Tut’s Autopsy
(I couldn’t find the recent doc on in it that we mentioned)

KFC in Space

Source – The Verge
Why a private space balloon company is sending KFC chicken to the stratosphere

Also mentioned – Futurama: The Problem With Popplers

Tattoo Keepsakes

Source – Huffington Post
‘Save My Ink Forever’ Allows Families To Keep Tattooed Skin Of Loved Ones After Death

Save My Ink Forever – Official Website

Also mentioned – These tattoos, Mr Cool Ice.

Old Turds

Source – Gizmodo
Particle Accelerators Are Changing the Way We Look at Ancient Turds

Mini Black Hole

Source – The Sun
Scientists create ‘molecular black hole’ in laboratory using world’s most powerful x-ray beam

Horny Ghost

Source – NT News
Horny ghost haunts house

The Best Dinosaur

Source – National Geographic
The Amazing Dinosaur Found (Accidentally) by Miners in Canada

Recommendation of the Week – Noddy Holder

Ghost Proof

Source – The Telegraph
(This is the one we watched on the show)
Most Haunted team claim to have caught ‘ghost’ on camera – are you convinced?

The other Ghost proof story mentioned was from The Mirror –
Is this finally proof that ghosts exist? Bizarre figure caught on camera in ‘haunted house’

Illuminati Young Blood

Sources – New Scientist
Human tests suggest young blood cuts cancer and Alzheimer’s risk

Flat Earth Proof(?)

Source – LadBible
Conspiracy Theorist Botches Experiment To Prove Earth Is Flat

Ferris Wheel Marriage 

Source – YouTube, FieryVirals!!!
Here Is a Woman Marrying a Ferris Wheel