This week we return to the topic of cults,
to take a closer look at Jim Jones and the Jonestown Massacre.

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The 2006 documentary that we played clips from is available to watch in it’s entirety on YouTube, and is well worth your time.
Jonestown – The Life And Death Of Peoples Temple



Jim preaching –

Jim with some of the children as Jonestown-

The aftermath of the poisoning, (Tiss showed some of these pictures to Bob and Beef on the show) –



Bob’s source of the extra Kool-Aid info on – What Flavour Kool-Aid?


Media Mentions

The Dice Man, by Luke Rhinehart, (AKA, George Cockcroft)
Animal Farm, by George Orwell. (“Some animals are more equal than others.”)

Scooby-Doo (The Mystery Machine)

The Magic School Bus

Ghetto Gospel, by 2Pac
Muscat, by Lavender Town Tone (Outro music this week, available to download for Patrons)