Seven Types of Phenomena.
Cryptids, ghosts, cults, aliens, and more.
It’s a Weird Tales Greatest Hits, Live From Bridgewater. 

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The Documentary

If you’re interested in more,
watch the doc – mentioned several times on the episode.
Available on Amazon Prime in the UK – AMAZON PAGE
(not sure about USA)


King Philip’s War

Beef mentioned looking up King Philip’s War if you were interested in digging further into the ‘Burial Ground’ reasoning for the mysteries of The Bridgewater Triangle.
He recommends THIS PAGE on


Weird Tales Greatest Hits

Lots of older episodes mentioned today –

#30 – Proof Of Aliens
#46 – Alien Disclosure
#51 – Area 51 & Roswell
#15 – EVP
#55 – The EVP Experiment
#40 – Ghost Stories, v1
#68 – Ghost Stories, v2
#9 – Demonic Possession
#35 – Mothman
#11 – Cryptozoology
#39 – Yeti
#17 – Serial Killers
#60 – Cults: The Manson Family


Music Mentions

7 Days – Craig David
Phenomenon – LL Cool J
Stand And Deliver – Adam & The Ants
PIMP – 50 Cent (outro music this week)


Other Mentions

Harry (again, the 4th Weird Tales member) (Harry & The Hendersons)

Skunk Apes (talked about in depth on #11 – Cryptozoology)

Yosemite Sam

Pointless (UK TV game show)
The Hound Of The Baskervilles (classic Sherlock Holmes story)