We revisit The Ocean this week.
We sail around the world on the good ship Unexplainable and do some diving to look at Yonaguni, Mary Celeste, The Bermuda Triangle… and more. 

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Our Map


Yonaguni Monument

Pictures –

There are also some great pictures on Graham Hancock’s website (grahamhancock.com) from his dives at Yonaguni, including this gallery – The Main Monument and it’s Surroundings

We also mentioned about Graham Hancock talking a bit about Yonaguni on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, episode number 142.
There is a clip of it on YouTube here – Graham Hancock – Yonaguni
and here is a link to the full episode on Joe Rogan’s podcast website – JRE #142
(or you can easily find it on iTunes, etc)

Here’s the diving video we watched on the show, from YouTube, (and complained about not seeing enough on the monument in) –
Freediving Yonaguni Pyramid

And some more detail can be found on the Wikipedia page (which some info was read from) –
Yonaguni Monument Wikipedia


Unexplained Sounds

The sound clips we played and the information was from this Wikipedia page –


Baltic Sea Anomaly

Cleaned up and enhanced picture of the scan –

Some artist’s depictions, based on descriptions –

Lots of info was read from the Wikipedia page –
Baltic Sea Anomaly Wikipedia

The Weird News story about the Baltic Sea Anomaly, from express.co.uk –
Baltic Sea Anomaly could be part of fleet of crashed UFOs on ocean floor, says UFO expert


Mary Celeste

The YouTube video we played on the episode, from around 8 minutes in –
6 Real Ghost Ships?

We ‘Real Or Rubs’ed these 5 theories about the Mary Celeste –
5 Theories On What Happened To The Mary Celeste

Also mentioned in this YouTube video, which we didn’t play on the show –
10 Creepy and Mysterious Ghost Ships


Bermuda Triangle

Most of the info for the Bermuda Triangle came from these four websites, (and there is plenty of other interesting stuff on them that we didn’t get a chance to talk about too) –

10 Shocking Facts About the Bermuda Triangle from HelloTravel

9 Terrifying Stories About the Bermuda Triangle from Ranker

WTF Actually Goes On In The Bermuda Triangle? from Buzzfeed

Bermuda Triangle from Wikipedia

Bimini Road

The YouTube video we played on the episode –
The Road Of Bimini In The Bermuda Triangle

Pictures –


Green Flash

Clip from Pirates Of The Caribbean: At Worlds End about the green flash on YouTube –
“Have you ever gazed upon the green flash, Master Gibbs?”

The YouTube video we watched on the show of an example of the green flash –
A Perfect Green Flash Sunset

Wikipedia page for the green flash (explaining what it is) – Green Flash Wikipedia


Flying Dutchman

The story read in full at the end of the episode was from this page on ghost-story.co.uk –
The Legend Of The Flying Dutchman


Media Mentions

Film mentions –

Muppet Treasure Island (<3)
Pirates of the Caribbean (Beef and Bob aren’t fans, Tiss likes them though)
(The Curse Of The Black Pearl)
(Dead Man’s Chest)
(At World’s End)
(On Stranger Tides)
Open Water (again)
Open Water 2: Adrift (Why make a sequel?)
The Little Mermaid   (Part Of Your World)
Sword In The Stone (Merlin’s Bermuda shorts)

Music mentions –

Captain Pugwash Theme (outro music this week)
Part Of Your World (from The Little Mermaid)
Under The Sea (from The Little Mermaid)
A Whole New World (from Aladdin)

Book mentions –

Dracula – Bram Stoker (the bit on the ship is great!)
Underworld – Graham Hancock (about diving to undersea marvels!)

Video Game mention –

Uncharted 4 (Pirate treasure and diving in shipwrecks!)