Tiss hosts an episode that questions the weird behavioural differences that we go through during the moon cycle.
Lots of ramble & singing, and a bit of Weird News. Happy Days.

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The Tides explanation vid we watched on the show –

How  Do Tides Work?

The Tides explanation vid we didn’t watch on the show –

Tides And The Moon


Weird News / Blogs

Beware Of The Dog During A Full Moon (telegraph.co.uk)

Having heart surgery? Make sure you have it on a FULL MOON (dailymail.co.uk)

Your shift falls on a full moon? Look out! (mightynurse.com)

Never Work a Full Moon (awriterinanursesbody.blogspot.co.uk)

Music Mentions

Subbacultcha – Pixies

Blue Moon – The Marcels

Sugar, Sugar – The Archies

Happy Days


Other Mentions

Wallace & Gromit: A Grand Day Out – The moon’s made of cheese

Minder – The Mayan’s favourite TV show

Only Fools And Horses (again) – “It’s like the changing of the seasons, and the tides of the sea”

Moon Knight – Marvel’s Batman


Help! My House Is Haunted

The TV channel ‘Really’ is looking for people in the UK who think their house might be haunted, or have experienced paranormal activity in their household and would like help from their investogators for an upcoming TV show – ‘Help! My House Is Haunted’.
To contact them email – haunted@back2back.tv
or call – 01273 227700


British Podcast Awards

We won bronze and the British Podcast Awards last week.
If you want to see some of the pics from the night, there is a separate blog post about it – HERE.


Outro music this week was Sugar, Sugar by The Archies.