Discussion episode this week, we have special guest Charlie in the chat about Sanity.
Some open talk about mental health,
as well as buying condoms, using the toilet in school, and Trigger’s broom.

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A few films mentioned this week –

Central Intelligance (mistakenly called ‘CIA’ on the show, alright on a plane, Charlie would give it a 2.2)
Moana (Bob wished he had the island life)
Manchester By The Sea (made Bob cry)


Trigger’s Broom

From the classic British sitcom Only Fools And Horses

The relevant scene on YouTube – Trigger’s Broom


Death Row Letters

We mentioned this blog on the show.
Listener of the Week, Sian, posts all about her correspondence with 4 different inmates on Death Row.
You can check it out at  – deathrowletters.wordpress.com
Super interesting.



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Outro music this week was Virtual Insanity, by Jamiroquai