Beef teaches us the meaning, and origins of the term ‘Antichrist’, Bob and Tiss take part in an art competition, and ‘Coin In The Pudding’ returns, for some reason.

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The Antichrist drawings that Bob and Tiss drew near the beginning of the episode,
I’m sure you can guess which one is which –

Plus the one Bob tried to draw later in the show based on the description that Beef read out –


The History Channel documentary that Beef recommended, “The Third Antichrist Prophecy Of Nostradamus”, is available to watch on YouTube – HERE



The 2009 film that Beef didn’t recommend, (but may be ok, we haven’t seen it), starring Willem Dafoe –
Antichirst (IMDb)

Plus you can watch the trailer on YouTube – HERE

Beef also menmtioned the 2012 TV Movie Dark Horse.

Other films mentioned this week, mostly not relevant –
Frost / Nixon



History Of The Baguette


John Thomas

“The term derives from the name the leading man in D.H. Lawrence’s novel, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, who gave to his own appendage. The book was made famous by the obscenity trial it landed Penguin Books in during the 1950s.” John Thomas was a Welsh poet born in 1754 in Betwsy Coed.


The Pretenders song that Bob was trying to remember was ‘2000 Miles

Also… ‘Because I Got High

Outro music this week was ‘Monkey Gone To Heaven‘, by Pixies