A mini-episode this week.
We look at 5 notorious cemeteries –
Boot Hill, Resurrection, Bachelor’s Grove, Saint Louis, & Stull.
Special thanks to Jerel for sending in the details for this ep. 

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Stull Cemetery

Stull, Kansas
Here’s a link to the video on YouTube of the news report from Stull Cemetery that we played on the show –
Stull Cemetery, Portal to Hell…


Boot Hill Cemetery

Tombstone, Arizona
The famous ‘ghost picture’ –

Link to the full YouTube video we played, on the account of the picture being taken –
Boot Hill Ghost 


Resurrection Cemetery

Chicago, Illinois
Links to the full trailers for the ‘Resurrection Mary’ films, that we played clips from on the show –
Resurrection Mary, 2007
Resurrection Mary, 2016


Saint Louis Cemetery

New Orleans, Louisiana
Here’s the clip from the documentary that we watched on the show –
Marie LaVeau doc

and a live performance of ‘Marie LaVeau’, by Bobby Bare –
Bobby Bare in Rotterdam


Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

Chicago, Illinois
The famous ‘White Madonna’ ghost pic –

And here’s the link to the YouTube video we watched on Bachelor’s Grove cemetery –
Bachelor’s Grove



You’ve all seen it, but it was mentioned enought this week for me to put a link to the famous MJ vid –



Outro music this week was Marie LaVeau, by Bobby Bare