This week we are joined by special guest, Sylar.
He talks magic with us and performs some tricks that blow our minds!

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You can find Sylar online at –
Show dates, contact information, videos etc, all available on his site.



The coin trick –

The Ripped Card trick –


The Drawings trick –

Beef’s pic –

Tissy’s pic(?) –



Some Tommy Cooper – HERE

We talked about David Blaine’s first Special ‘Street Magic’ on the show.
You can find the whole thing in parts on YouTube.
Part 1 – HERE

The name of the TV series we talked about with ‘The Masked Magician’ was called
‘Breaking The Magicians Code’, you can find most of it on YouTube.
You can watch episode 1 – HERE

We also talked about Derron Brown’s psychological magic on the show, plenty of his stuff on YouTube too.
Here’s a good compilation of him doing a few tricks – HERE

We also mentioned the TV series with Penn and Teller – ‘Fool Us’, and the ‘Now You See Me’ films.

Wilhelm Scream



Outro music this week was Magic Spells, by Crystal Castles