Tiss continues his look into Sacred Geometry.
This time – Vibrational Dimensions and Christ Consciousness.
We go way off track this time though, and the episode turns away from mathematics, into philosophy.

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The Documentary

Most importantly, if you have any interest in exploring Sacred Geometry more, then we definitely recommend watching the full documentary that we reference many times in parts 1 and 2.
You can view it in full on YouTube – HERE.



We mention a few of the shapes and geometry from part 1, so check out the blog post for part 1 for those images.
here – Sacred Geometry, part 1.

Also we mention Circling The Square, And Squaring The Circle.
Represented in this image –

Da Vinci’s famous ‘Vitruvian Man’ image is also mentioned –


Outro music this week was Heaven Is A Place On Earth, by Belinda Carlisle.