Guest host, History teacher, and Mrs. Beef – Rachel, takes us back to school this week.
We learn about the growing movement of Holocaust deniers.
A possibly controversial topic, (and obviously no offence intended in this episode).

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Clip of David Irving from the beginning of the episode – Here on YouTube

The trailer for the film ‘Denial’ – Here on YouTube

‘Why Do People Still Deny The Holocaust’ video – Here on YouTube


The ‘smuggled’ Auschwitz pictures –
You can find out more about, and view, these pictures,
known as the ‘Sonderkommando photographs’, on Wikipedia.

The bomber pictures –

interesting Telegraph article about the ignored aerial shots HERE.

Hitler in Argentina…? –

Film & TV

Lots of great stuff mentioned this week.

Films –
Denial (IMDb)
Schindler’s List (IMDb)
Downfall (IMDb)
The Pianist (IMDb)

TV –
Hitler: The Rise of Evil (IMDb page)
Auschwitz: The Nazis and ‘The Final Solution’ (IMDb page)
The Nazi Hunters (IMDb page)
Louis Theroux: Ultra-Zionists
(found this link to view the whole thing, don’t know how long it will be up for – Ultra Zionists)


Outro music this week was ‘Gangster Trippin’, by Fatboy Slim.