Tissy helps us examine the geometric shapes that make up the universe and everything within it.
Creation patterns, Fibonacci, Phi, platonic solids… We get mathematical.
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Lot’s of visuals this week!
Here are most of the patterns and shapes mentioned throughout the show, just to give you a quick idea of what we are talking about.
Fibonacci’s Spiral
Flower of Life (Creation Pattern)
Seed of Life (Genesis Pattern)
Tree of Life
Egg of Life
Metatron’s Cube
Platonic Solids
Star Tetrahedron
Phi (Golden Ratio) Symbol
Fibonacci Sequence
This is the full doc that we are referencing on the show,
The Sacred Geometry Movie
if you want to watch along with us, go to around 30 mins-ish in, or wait until after part 2, or just watch the whole thing if you fancy it.

You can view it on YouTube using this link –

Within this doc, and on our show, Nova’s ‘Secrets of the Parthenon’ was also recommended, you can view that on YouTube here –

You can watch the entire episode of ‘Donald In Mathmagic Land‘ on YouTube using the following link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJgkaU08VvY
Also, recommendation again – Mulan.
Science / Religion
Here is the link to the talk on Vimeo that Beef mentioned on the show.
The Great Divide: Can God, Science and Faith Co-exist?
BEEF’S DISCLAIMER: It’s obviously a church service so is perhaps slightly biased towards the Christian faith, but hopefully it’s not too bad.
Tissy’s Tatts
We mentioned a few of Tissy’s tattoos on the show,
so here is his Sacred Geometry themed tattoo of The Kaballah Triangle –
(and also the design of the Lone Wolf & Cub / Parsnip) –
Rev. Peter Laws
We mentioned Reverend Peter Laws on the show, who is a great guy!

You can find his horror movie themed podcast ‘The Flicks That Church Forgot‘, here –

His debut novel recently released, ‘Purged‘.
and you can find him on Twitter – @revpeterlaws
Movie Mentions
As usual, we mention many unrelated films this week –
Baby’s Day Out
Monkey Trouble
Ace Ventura
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
Austin Powers (trilogy)
Whiplash (definitely recommend!)
Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (unfortunately, we really did not enjoy this)
Requiem For A Dream
We also reference the video game –
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Outro music this week was Tessellate, by Alt-J