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This time we investigate The Amityville Horror, including the Defeo massacre, the Lutz family’s 28 days of terror, and the Amityville ghost boy. Enjoy!

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Ed’s Art

This is the only example of Ed’s art that I could find, it was listed on eBay a few years ago –

Ghost Boy

The Amityville ghost boy picture –

Picture of John Defeo, the youngest of the murdered siblings,
who many believers speculate the ghost boy to be –

Picture of Paul Bartz, one of the investigators,
who many non-believers speculate the picture to be of –


Videos used on the show

All the video’s from the show can be viewed in their entirety on YouTube at the following links –

Overview of the Amityville cases –

News report from the day after the Defeo massacre –

Interview with the priest from the Lutz case –

Interview with Ed and Lorraine regarding Amityville –

Trailer for ‘The Amityville Horror’ (1979)

Trailer for ‘Amityville: The Awakening’ (2017)



Recommended videos from YouTube, not used on the show, can be viewed at the following links –

Art Bell interviews George Lutz –

Interview with the Lutz’ on Good Morning America –

‘The Real Amityville Horror’ documentary –



The website recommended on the show for further investigation into the Amityville cases –

Also, I used this page for some of the information –

And of course, The Warrens homepage –


Outro music this week was ‘Horror Show’, by The Libertines.