(or synaesthesia) –
A cross-wiring of the senses.
We educate ourselves a little in the many forms that Synesthesia can take, and talk to someone who can see sounds.
Thanks Greg!
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How someone with Grapheme-Color Synesthesia might see a series of letters / numbers –
How someone with Number Form Synesthesia might see a series of numbers –
The Synesthesia test that we take on the episode –


I played a very short clip from this video, the whole thing is definitely worth a watch though, and can be viewed in it’s entirety on YouTube here –


We talked about Wassily Kandinsky using synesthesia to influence his artwork on the show, here are a few of his pieces –
Also, Greg mentioned artist Melissa McCracken, who also uses her synesthesia in her art, and what she creates is similar to what Greg experiences.
Here’s the link that Greg sent for her artwork –


Tiss wanted to know what Greg thought of the song ‘Jambi’, by Tool.
You can listen to the song on YouTube here –


Also, Greg’s band – The Agony Family have put out 2 albums, ‘Yourself United’, and ‘Earth!’.
The song ‘First Person Shooter’, by The Agony Family was used as the outro music on the show this week –