It’s the Weird Tales Christmas Special!
We look at Yule, Krampus and Black Pete, talk favourite Christmas memories, songs and movies, learn about weird christmas traditions from around the world by playing Christmas themed game ‘Coin In The Pudding’, have a mini Fate episode with Cracker Fish, open presents, and have a good old festive sing-sing.
Once bitten, twice shy – Merry Crimbo everyone!

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Rose Beef

Sage n Pray

The logo design that Bob got printed up on t-shirts for Beef & Tiss, by listener – Mari.

Thanks Mari!

Coin In The Pudding
I got all those Weird Christmas traditions from these 2 links –

The video we watched a section of on the show can be viewed in full on YouTube here –

aaand, the 2015 film…
Black Pete
Seida Pass
The strange Christmas march video we watched from Tirrol, Austria is available to view on this FaceBook page –

Christmas Movies

All the ones we mentioned –

Muppet Christmas Carol (Bob’s fave)
Die Hard (Beef’s fave)
Jingle All The Way (Tiss’ fave)
The Grinch
It’s A Wonderful Life
Home Alone
The Great Escape
(and all the Star Wars and Harry Potter films!)

Fave Movies of 2016

Our recommendations from this year.

My Scientology Movie
Rogue One
Dr. Strange
The Witch
The Nice Guys

Intro music this week was Lavender Town, performed by Bob Shoy.
Outro music this week was Last Christmas,
performed by Bob Shoy, Adam Tiss, and Luke ‘Beef’ Martin.