We dissect the tale of the most notorious item in The Warrens Occult Museum – The Annabelle Doll.

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Warrens Interview
We played the beginning section of this interview with the Warrens on the show –

“Annabelle” Trailer
Trailer for the film, watched on the show –

The Annabelle Story 

The account is written down on the Warrens official website here –

Tony Spera’s retelling of the Annabelle story that we listened to on the show –

We played a small section from the end of this video of Tony Spera walking around the museum with Ed Warren, it it Ed tells a quick version of the Annabelle story –

Another account, with a reenactment, that we didn’t use on the show –

Tony Spera
Contact Tony at –
Inspiration (to and from)
The Simpsons – “Treehouse of Horror III” – “Clown Without Pity”


Goosbumps, “Night of the Living Dummy” series
The “Child’s Play” / “Chucky” films
The Twilight Zone – “Living Doll”

Mentions / Recommendations 
(not relevant to Annabelle)
Silent Hill 2
The Silence of the Lambs

Come To Daddy, Aphex Twin