The first of 2 episodes about the Ocean.
Bob hosts and talks Mermaids, Squid, The Kraken, and more.

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For more info on ASSAP and their events check out their official website –

The Kraken
‘The Kraken’ poem by Alfred Tennyson, was read from the Kraken Wikipedia page –

and here is the image from Google Earth that we discuss –

Colossal Squid

image of one that was caught near New Zealand –

short video clip we watched on show of the autopsy news report –

and the full highlights of the autopsy video mentioned on the show –
plus plenty of info on the Wikipedia page –


Giant Squid
Squid In Toyoma Bay, Japan at the end of 2015 –
The underwater footage that we watched of the giant squid can be viewed here –
Deep Sea Gigantism
Again, most of the information I got for this was from Wikipedia –

Milky Sea
Again, Wiki is was my friend this week –

The art piece ‘Nerina’, by Juan Cabana, thought by many for a while to be evidence of Mermaids –
The 3 fake videos we watched originally from the Animal Planet specials,
‘Mermaids: The Body Found’, and ‘Mermaids: The New Evidence’.
The mermaid Skeleton video with Professor Dimitrov, another fake –
more info here of the skeleton fakes –
Cave Paintings
The 3 pictures of cave paintings found in Africa that we look at on the show –
Also here is a short video that explains more about the Aquatic Ape Theory –
Part of your world…


The Bloop / Julia
All of the sounds played in The Bloop section are from here,
The Bloop, Julia, Slow Down, The Train –

Weird Fishes
Macropinna Microstoma
Bigfin Squid


Giant Oarfish
Goblin Shark




books –

The Wake, Scott Snyder & Sean Gordon Murphy
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Jules Verne
Moby Dick, Herman Melville

films –
…not sure if we would recommend all of them, but we mentioned the following, (plus Splash).
Deep Blue Sea
Open Water
The Abyss
The Little Mermaid