Weird News is back… We talk about Werewolves, Robots, Asteroids, and Tromps.

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Old Stinker 

Thanks to Neil for sending us this story.
We read from this account of it –

but he also sent the following links as well –

Robot Guards

The Tromp Family
Thanks to Aisling for bringing this story to my attention!
I read the account from the BBC News page, it also includes the map of their routes, and the video clips I played –

and here is the link the Aisling sent me originally, which delves further into ‘Folie a Deux’ ––deux/news-story/7b349973f3af4588002f9b21bce007d6


as usual we mention a few films this week.
An American Werewolf in London
(featuring the first CGI human)
(this is the pic that Tiss shows us on the ep) –
Deep Impact
Only Fools And Horses – To Hull And Back…