Beef teaches us about Area 51 and the Roswell Incident, and Bob & Tiss rate some conspiracies on a scale of Piffle – A*.

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Bob Lazar

This is a great documentary that we played a few clips from about Bob Lazar and Area 51 –
We played this short clip on the show of Bob Lazar’s first interview from 1989 –
Here is the full BBC Roswell documentary that we played a section from on the show,
really good doc –

A couple of things mentioned on the ep.

Louis Theroux
The episode ‘UFOs’, from the series ‘Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends’
Can be seen here –

Specifically the episode ‘Roswell That Ends Well’.
Watchmen (book and film)
Kids TV
The Secret World Of Alex Mack
Bernard’s Watch
Outro music for this ep was ‘Area 52’, by ‘Yeah Yeah Yeahs’, 
last week was ‘Congratulations’, by ‘MGMT’.