We talk to some real science men this week, (Jack & Godwin), to see if they push any real knowledge into our feeble brains.
Prepare for an unplanned episode of us asking stupid questions about black holes and other ‘science stuff’.
We attempt to learn about antimatter, dark matter, dark energy, & other heavy metal sounding things, and ask ‘Where did science touch you?’

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Gravitational Waves

Godwin talked briefly about these and recommended viewing the little video to the right on the Wikipedia page to better help understand it (or just melt your brain further).

Godwin mentioned this website on the show, that keeps a record of every planet that has been discovered.


Plenty of recommendations this week.

The book, ‘Physics of the Impossible’, by Michio Kaku.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Twitter is great for regular science facts! – @neiltyson

The TV documentary series – ‘Cosmos’, available on Netflix.

and our old favourites recommended again –


Things Can Only Get Better
Outro music for this ep was ‘Black Hole’, by ‘Be Your Own Pet’.