The week we look at renowned paranormal investigators – Ed and Lorraine Warren, and the true tales behind The Conjuring films.
The popular horror films are based on 2 of their most famous cases – The Perron Family Haunting and The Enfield Poltergeist.

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The Warrens

Their official website –

The Occult Museum, we watched bits of this video tour on the episode –

The Perron Family Haunting
The Conjuring trailer

The video we played with interviews with the Perron Family

The Enfield Poltergeist
The Conjuring 2 trailer

The famous picture
Voice recordings of ‘Bill’
We played a small clip from this on the show.

BBC documentary
We played the beginning of this video on the show.

Interview with Janet Hodgson

Janet’s Confession

This Morning.
We played a section from near the end of this video, where a sceptic questions the truth of Janet’s story.


Outro music for this ep was ‘Ghost Mouth’, by ‘Girls’.