Aliens Expert Laura steps in to guest host this episode.
We look at many topics based on Alien Disclosure, including – the disclosure hearings, Steven Greer, Sirius, the Atacama humanoid, NASA cover-ups, Bob Lazar, and more.
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Disclosure Project
We played a section from this on the episode, Stanton Friedman’s opening statement –

Plenty more witness testimony’s here –

and links to the disclosure project websites –

You can watch the full length Sirius documentary film on YouTube here –

Sgt. Clifford Stone
Sgt. Stone rode the Pentagon monorail and saw an alien being.
We played a section from this video on the episode –

Missile Testing
Prof. Robert Jacobs witnessed something strange during a missile test.
We played a section of this video on the episode –

We didn’t have time to play these clips on the episode but we did briefly mention the testimony’s of astronauts Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper.
Here they are –
Edgar Mitchell –

Gordon Cooper –

Atacama Humanoid
We looked at some images of the humanoid on the episode and discussed.
There is a video all about it here –

Bob Lazar
We played a section of at interview with Bob Lazer from Art Bell’s radio show on the episode, the full interview is over 2 hours long. Here it is in full –


Also, if you are interested in Bob Lazar, here’s his website –

Other Links
Here are a few other things that we didn’t get a chance to talk about much, (or at all), on the show that may also be of interest.
Phoenix Lights documentary –

Witness testimony from a Roswell mortician –

Mufon website (Mutual UFO Network) –
A lot of famous UFO cases have been researched here,
and also the findings are all on the site too.