Tiss takes us on a journey through the fourth dimension to talk about the scientific possibilities of time travel.
We also look at paradoxes, black holes, and cases of time travel that have already possibly occurred, (such as Micheal Cera).
Also, lots of film talk and nonsense as we were very tired when we recorded this.

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We played clips from the following videos during the episode.
Michio Kaku talks about the 4th dimension
We can’t find the exact clip we played on the show, but if you want to watch some intersting content with Michio Kaku, we recommend the series ‘TIME’ from the BBC. Here’s a link to a YouTube playlist I found with the episodes, hopefully it’s still there, or maybe you can find it somewhere else.


Also, there are lots of great videos on YouTube if you just search Michio Kaku, he’s a very interesting man.
Black Hole time travel




Time Voyagers, Stephen Hawking


Time Travellers
…Micheal Cera?
maybe you can make it further through this video than we could.


Charlie Chaplin time traveller pic (on a time phone?)

(video here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiIrpEMbQ2M0

Mike Tyson smart phone pic (debunked, it’s just a camera)
Ancient laptops?

We talk about a lot of movies this week, here are the ones we mention
(some of which we recommend)
Futurama has some amazing episode that tackle time travel.
I’m going to recommend a more recent episode to give you a good example –
The Late Philip J. Fry‘, go watch that.
Actually, just watch the whole thing because the whole show is basically about time travel.
Bob lays in a couple of comic recommendations during the ep, these were –
Chrononauts, for a fun sci-fi / comedy story.
Flashpoint, for your more superhero fare,
(but good superhero fare, that maybe relies on some prior knowledge of the DC Universe.)