Bob pulls out the ‘Mystery Board’ to talk about the missing Malaysian Airlines flight and tempts Beef and Tiss with the keywords – SPACE, TANK, BOAT, SLAVE, PARACHUTE, “DIANE”, PHONE, U.F.O. & STONEHENGE.

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The Mystery Board

The Reddit post about the disappearance of Diane Augat that Bob read on the show –

The Kinross Incident, video about First Lieutenant Felix Eugene Moncla, Jr, that Beef read from –

The Frederick Valentich radio trasmission re-enactment audio we played –

The blog post I read on the show detailing the disappearance of Brandon Swanson –

Bob read to story of the MV Joyita from this article on
(It scored #1 on their top 5 creepiest disappearances that nobody can explain)

Audio of the Russian Cosmonaut we played –

News report from the day Dan Cooper hijacked the plane, we played this on the show –

The full elevator video we watched on the show –

2 films mentioned this week –
12 Years A Slave
Dark Water