This week we delve into history, with Tiss posing the question – ‘Just how ancient is ancient Egypt?’

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Magical Egypt


We played some clips from episode 2 of series 1 of Magical Egypt.
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Sacred Science
Book mentioned in one of the clips from ‘Magical Egypt’.
‘Sacred Science : The King Of Pharaonic Theocracy’, by R. A. Schwaller De Lubicz
Graham Hancock
Tiss’ book recommendation this week –
‘Fingerprints Of The Gods’, by Graham Hancock.
Also, Tiss recommended the episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast that featured Graham Hancock. He has been on a number of times, solo on episode #360, #417, #551, and with Duncan Trussell on #142, and with Randall Carlson on #725.
If Humans Disappeared 
We play the audio from this on the show –

Gobekli Tepe
We discuss these findings near to the end of the episode –
Horrible Histories
Most of our historical knowledge comes from these books that we all read as children,
as mentioned on the show. We were fans of Angry Aztecs, Vicious Vikings and Awesome Egyptians.