Bob hosts an episode all about his favourite cryptid – The Mothman. We discuss the Point Pleasant mystery and the Silver Bridge disaster, Indrid Cold, John Keel, UFOs, mutants, prophecies and more.

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Another sighting we didn’t get around to talking about on the show, but wanted to-
A selection of the pictures we look at and discuss on the show.
The Bridge pic
New York pic
Eyewitness sketches
Newspaper clipping
Point Pleasant Mothman statue and plaque
Indrid Cold
For more info on Indrid Cold –
The following are the full length videos that we played clips from on the show, they are all well worth a watch.
Eyewitnesses clips and the 2nd sighting clip-
The Bennett account clip-
The mutant theory clip-
Bridge disaster clip-
John Keel clip-
Monster Quest clip-
‘Mothman was my dad’ clip-
We mention a lot of films on this episode, some to do with Mothman… others not so much.
The Mothman Prophecies
The Fly
Jeepers Creepers
Men In Black
Book Recommendation
The Mothman Prophecies by John Keel, of course.