This week we talk to Keith Bateman and Andy Bennett about their involvement with Ray Santilli and the infamous Alien Autopsy video, and their creation of the original ‘Tent Footage’.

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Richard and Judy
For our overseas listeners, we talk about The Richard & Judy Show a bit. The TV show was actually called This Morning, and was a very popular morning chat show in the UK that they hosted from 1988 – 2001.
Ant and Dec
Another UK duo, usually TV presenters but also acted in the ‘Alien Autopsy’ movie from 2006. We talk about them and the film briefly on show.
World’s Greatest Hoaxes
TV show that we mention on the episode, here’s the clip that mentions the Tent Footage and AK Music.
Anorak Pic
Keith mentions the Interview he did for the Mail on Sunday that included this picture of him with the Alien head.
Most Haunted.
You know this show. Andy mentions his during his brief ‘Ghost Story Of The Week’.
Film recc of the week, with a thumbs up from Keith.