Another Aliens episode, this time hosted by Tiss.
He takes it upon himself to convince Bob and Beef of extraterrestrial life.
We look at the Phoenix Lights, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, the Art Bell Area 51 caller, Sirius and more.
Also, Weird Tales gets it’s very own Aliens Expert.

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Phoenix Lights

Laura mentioned the ‘Ancient Aliens’ TV show during our call (available on Netflix), if you are interested in the ancient Egypt side of things then maybe check that out.
Also, here is the Mother Mary UFO painting that Laura mentioned.


Art Bell
The first call –
It appears there is more than one Sirius documentary, at different points on the show we are referring to different ones. We were mostly referring to the 2013 doc.
(we were unaware at the time.)
2008 doc, lots of interesting interviews.
Full documentary here in 2 parts, (found on YouTube).
part 1 –
2013 doc, lots of the clean energy stuff we were talking about from this one.
(Has Italian subs, not sure how long it will be up on YouTube)
The video the Bob and Beef watch on the show, with Buzz Aldrin’s UFO sighting and the alien structures on the Moon.
“If voting made any difference,  

they wouldn’t let us do it.” 

– Mark Twain.

More Aliens stuff to come.