Bob hosts a show all about Ouija boards. Tiss gets unsettled by the props, and Beef takes part in a science experiment. Also, the long-awaited return of ‘Ghost Story of the Week’.

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The Board

Here are a few pictures of the Parker Brothers Ouija Board, the same as the one we had on the show that Bob won on eBay.
YouTube video

We watched a short clip from this YouTube video of people using Ouija boards.


The book that we talk about on the show, available to buy online.
How To Safely Use The Ouija Board: An Instruction Manual by Daniel Cumerlato.

I Love Lucy

We played a short clip from an episode of I Love Lucy on the show.
Unfortunately it has been removed from YouTube now..

The Exorcist

We played this clip from The Exorcist on the show


We mention this film on the episode, (though none of us have actually seen it.)

Bob quickly recounts a few stories towards the end of the show.
They are from this website, and there are a few more good ones on there.


This song used quickly at the beginning of the episode, and for the outro.
Ouija Board, Ouija Board by Morrissey.