Tiss hosts. Bob and Beef learn about the mysteries of Denver Airport, we discuss Celebrities in the New World Order and watch some Reptilian Shapeshifters on YouTube.
We go off topic a little in the episode.
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Denver Airport –
Here’s the video we watched on the show.
David Icke – 
We talk about this guy a bit on the show. Further information courtesy of Wikipedia (of course) –https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Icke
He’s written plenty of books, all listed on the Wikipedia page.
Also, lots to watch on YouTube if you search for him.
Here’s the video we played a short clip from on the show –
And here’s another good one (in 2 parts)


Reptilian Shapeshifters – 

Bob and Beef watch a lot of these videos on the show (and, as you probably heard, were largely unimpressed.)