Bob hosts.
We finally talk about Aliens.
We take a look at some commonly sighted Alien types, talk crop circles, cattle mutilations & probing, and discuss some bigger bigger extraterrestrial concepts.
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Sightings –
One of the videos of alien sightings we watched on the show –
Video for the woman who gave her account of witnessing the Nordic type alien that we listened to on the show –
Types –
Much more information here about Greys, Reptilians and Nordics.
Cattle Mutilations –
Full video we watched on the show –


Crop Circles –
Full video we watched on the show, this is a lot longer that what we played, so I recommend giving this a watch –
Neil deGrasse Tyson –
A couple of videos.
This is the one that was played on the show –
One more for you –
Reccomendations – 

A few of extra YouTube videos with some interesting content.

I got some information from this one regarding the Zoo Hypothesis, and some other bits –


I played a small section of this one near the end of our episode, regarding the size and scope of our Universe, the rest is interesting too –

Signs –
Of course, we mention a certain movie during this episode. Beef hates it, Bob and Tiss think it’s alright.
Louis Theroux –
I really recommend, hunting down the full UFOs episode on Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends.