Guest host Karim takes over for Tiss this week, as our official ‘Dreams Expert’.
He teaches us how to have lucid dreams and shares some of his experiences with it.
We also discuss recurring dreams, sex dreams, nightmares, stealing biscuits and more.
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Karim’s Lucid Dream Training
The basic 4 steps that Karim gives on the show-
1. Dream Journal
2. Totem
3. Induce Sleep Paralysis
4. Alarm Clocks
Film Recommendations
As always we mention and reference a number of films on the show, not all on topic…
Image result for inceptionImage result for source codeImage result for gremlins posterImage result for hot fuzz
Inception – very relevant
Source Code – sort of relevant
Gremlins / Hot Fuzz – Not relevant at all
But all 4 are great films!
Not relevant to dreams but the Portal gun is mentioned by Karim when describing one of his dreams.
Both these games are great and recommended by us too!
Image result for portalImage result for portal 2
Biscuit Recommendations
Malted Milk – Tea or Coffee F-ing Brilliant.