Beef hosts.
We talk about near death experiences reaching all the way back to Plato.
When you reach the point of possible death, are you witnessing the white lights of heaven, or is your brain just exploding?
Beef and Tiss nearly drown and Bob sees a topless woman.
(apologies for some sound issues in this episode.)

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Here’s the full video of the clip we played on the episode of the scuba diver who nearly drowned –

Top 10

If you want to watch / listen again, (there’s a lot to take in), here’s the clip we played on the show of the top ten amazing near death experiences-

Russian Scientist

Here’s a video of the Russian scientist, Dr George Rodonaia, with his near death experience account-

Don Piper / 90 Minutes in Heaven

We touch on Don Piper’s strange story a little in the episode but here are a few related nuggets.

A 20 minute video with more insight into the story –

The book he wrote all about his story (recommended by Beef) –

They made a film this year.
None of us have seen it, so can’t recommend, (and it received some pretty poor reviews), but here’s the trailer-