Tiss hosts and tells a selection of conspiracy theories including –
Simulation Theory, MKUltra, Der Glocke, Fake-Speare and more.
Beef isn’t having any of it.

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Hitler –

Der Glocke, the Nazi time travel machine.

Hitler didn’t die, he fled to Argentina.

This is also reported to be him at age 95, in Brazil, with his girlfriend.

Simulation Theory – 

Here is the video we watch during the show.

MKUltra – 

Bob talks about a Derron Brown TV about mind control.
Listeners in the UK can view the entire episode on 4od here-

A few films we mention during the MKUltra discussion –
(Clockwork Orange, The Manchurian Candidate (original and remake, American Ultra.)

Chemtrails –

Atlanta Coffins –

Image result for atlanta coffins

Shakespeare / Fake-Speare –

The film Tiss mentions that asks ‘Was Shakespeare a fraud?’

Here is a clip from the relevant Louis Theroux documentary that we mentioned where William Shakespeare is declared ‘Undoubtedly black! Without question!’.
The clip is taken from the episode titled ‘Black Nationalists’, and is definitely worth tracking down and watching.