Bob hosts.
We talk about some of the more famous cryptids out there, including Bigfoot and Nessie.
We look at clips and pics, hear eyewitness accounts, and go off track with our amazement of the Chinese city in the sky.
Also, Ghost Story of the Week.
‘Watch out for the Beast of Waynethorpe!’

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Previous Crypids –

We talked about creatures that were previously thought to be Cryptids, and were later proven to be real.

These were,
The Mountain Gorilla-
Susa group, mountain gorilla.jpg
The Komodo Dragon –
The Okapi –
The Okapi was even used for the emblem of the  International Society of Cryptozoology.

Skunk Apes –

Otherwise known as Stink Apes, or Swamp Apes.
Here is one of the pictures that were taken that we look at on the show –

Loch Ness Monster –

We played a clip from the documentary ‘Is The Loch Ness Monster Dead?’,
The doc is available to watch on YouTube –
We also discuss 2 of the more famous hoax photographs of Nessie.
The Surgeon’s Photo-
Image result for loch ness monster
The Muppet Photo-

Chupacabra – 

Many alleged captured Chupacabras have been proven to be nothing more than various canids with mange, or other skin diseases.
A few examples below, that we viewed on the show.

Skinwalker – 

Beef mentions a strange creature picture that he had seen on the show, that he shows to Bob and Tiss. We later found out that this was something that is referred to as a ‘Skinwalker’.
Here’s the picture Beef shows during the episode –
Embedded image permalink

City in the Sky – 

We go off topic for a while on the episode about the amazing footage of the ‘Sky City’ in China that was recently caught.

Here’s the video we watched –

Bigfoot –

There is so much Bigfoot / Sasquatch / Yeti stuff out there on the web, but here are a few links ot things mentioned on the show.

We definitely recommend this documentary,
‘The Definitive Guide To Bigfoot’ –

The famous Patterson-Gimlin film –

‘Ancient Mysteries’, presented by Leanord Nemoy (we play a clip from this on the ep) –

Harry & The Hendersons (trailer) –

Top Three Bigfoot / Yeti sightings of 2014 (we watch this during the show) –

Octopus Escape –