Beef hosts a bumper length episode.
We talk about Angels and Demons, pigs, guardians, and Beef even delivers some first hand exorcism accounts.

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Furious Love –

We watched a few clips from this DVD during the show.
In particular, we watched the chapters – ‘The Demon Tent’, and ‘”Esther”‘.
trailer –

Derron Brown –

I can’t find the full episode that I mention in the show, but I did find this clip from it on YouTube.
(UK listeners may find it on 4od if they hunt around, I think it may have been from a series he did called Derron Brown Investigates.)

The Exorcist – 

Classic film all about demonic possession and exorcism, we also used a few clips from it in the show.

Russian Exorcism –

The very intense sound clip that played right at the end of the episode is here if you really want to listen again.
NOTE – I incorrectly refer to this as a clip from a ROMANIAN exorcism, actually, it’s Russian.

I warn that this is pretty disturbing.