Bob hosts.
We talk about what ghosts are, what makes a house haunted and ask ‘why are there no modern ghosts?’.
We also hear a few first hand accounts of living in haunted houses and list the most haunted houses in the world.

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Ghost on The Lake –

On the show, Bob mentioned the picture his dad had taken while fishing early in the morning of the lake, that apparently featured a man who wasn’t there at the time.
Here it is (the man is in the clearing slightly to the left on the other side of the lake) –
Three Years In A Haunted House –
Bob mentioned a story that someone had sent him regarding their experiences with living in a haunted house for three years. Here is a link to the Reddit page where they have posted it –
Most Haunted Houses In The World –
Bob used many websites for reference, the one that he read a few examples from is here –
but he also used these ones too –
and there are many on those that are very interesting that he didn’t get to talk about or skimmed over very briefly.