Tiss hosts a more conversational episode this week, where we talk about Numbers Stations and listen to some recordings.
We go off topic a little with discussions of Fear of the Unknown and Dreams.
Also – Ghost Story of the Week as usual.
Apologies for a slight dip in audio quality, problem has been identified and shouldn’t happen in future episodes.

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Numbers Stations –

Tracking the Lincolnshire Poacher documentary –
The Kernel – Did We Take Out MI6’s Secret Line?
Website and story Tiss refered to in the episode –
Website Bob used for the numbers stations recordings –
Creepy Camping – 
The blog mentioned that is worth visiting and reading, some really interesting tales here from around 5 years ago –
The Magic Gang –
Bob wasn’t going mad, The Magic Gang did exist –


Aphex Twin –

The Happy Birthday recording that Tiss played was from the track ‘Lornaderek’, by Aphex Twin, taken from the album ‘Drukqs’.

Year Walk –

The game that Bob recommended this episode.
(available PC, Mac, IOS.)
trailer –