Bob recounts a few notorious and odd tales to Tiss and Beef for our very first episode.
No theme this week, just some strange stories.

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Parallel Universes/Dimensions

During the talk on The Man From Taured, Bob recommended a documentary about Parallel Worlds, featuring E from the band Eels.
Here’s a link to the full documentary –

Overtoun Bridge 

The dog bridge in Scotland we talked about –

Tamam Shud

The unidentified man from the Tamam Shud case (otherwise known as the Somertom Man.) –

The note that was found in the hidden pocket. –

The Pollock Twins

The reincarnated(?) twins –

Drilling To Hell

Here’s a link to the hoaxed Hell Sounds that we listened to –

If you have any strange topics to suggest, your own personal stories or any recommendations then please contact us –